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What is your try hardest?


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It's willingness. It's effort. It's commitment.

It's what you decide it is.

My try hardest is spending a few weeks a year away from family to train with law enforcement and military personnel, so I am at my best as an instructor and practitioner.

-Jeff, Krav Instructor

When there's nothing left, when the heart can't pump blood or oxygen through your veins fast enough, when everything in your mind says you can't go any further—that's where try hardest starts. 

-Ralph, Krav Instructor

When there's nothing left, when the reason I am training (my "why”), pushes me to go that much further, through the fatigue, through the pain, to do what needs to be done—that's my try hardest.

-Ralph, Krav Instructor

My try hardest is making sure people in our community have a viable option to learn self defense skills that could save their life someday. It's so important to rely on yourself for your own safety. That's true confidence! 

-Namita, Krav Student

To me, try hardest is simple. Try hardest means you have found your limit or what you perceive is your limit and then you push pass it.

-Jeremy, Krav Instructor

Try hardest is when you realize the only person that can limit you is you. 

-Jeremy, Krav Instructor

The awesome part about training is that people have different skill sets and talents but every person has the ability to put forth their best effort every single time they train. That’s their try hardest. 

-Jeremy, Krav Instructor

Try hardest is not just about training. Try hardest is about how you live, it's a mindset. Everything you do, every single thing you encounter, try hardest and go crush it! 

-Jeremy, Krav Instructor

My try hardest is managing chronic and acute injuries, while balancing training and recovery. After 25+ years of competitive athletics, my body doesn't heal like it used to and it's been a battle to stay healthy enough to do the things that make me happy. 


Taking time off for recovery is always hard, and makes the idea of coming back a bit daunting. My try hardest is getting back in the gym and into Krav classes, even though I know I won't be able to perform like I used to right off the bat. 


My try hardest is pushing through the chest burning from a 30 second drill, the muscle soreness, the punches eaten after a missed inside defense. It also means I need to spend more time on mobility and injury prevention, even when I don't want to.


My try hardest is finding ways to get where I want to be, in a way that keeps me healthy and happy. 


This is your "try hardest".

Thank you for sharing.

Vivere natura is Latin for survival instinct. Krav taps into our primal nature and unlocks our capabilities for surviving in the most dire situations. In times of need, we shall not fear. In order to live, we shall overcome any impasse presented before us. That is the will to live. That is my vivere natura. That is my Krav Maga. That is my try hardest.

-Semir, Krav student


My Try Hardest is facing my fears in training so my students know they have what it takes to face theirs. I will never ask one of my students to do something I haven’t done myself—I know how hard it is, and I know how much a person is capable of fighting through if they know someone believes they can do it.

-Elisabeth, Krav instructor

My try hardest is the will to take one more step, even when I've convinced myself that I can't.

-Terence, Krav Student

My "try hardest" is knowing that I'm probably the fattest one in the class... but I won't always be!


. . . when all of us are exhausted and struggling together - these shared moments motivate me to train harder and much longer than I would if I was training alone.


Walking in and picking out the biggest, toughest looking, scariest "wall of muscle" in there and saying that they will be my training partner that evening knowing full well that they are 1/2 my age and stronger than I am but doing it anyway.


When I do hell work.


Flesh grows weak. Steel becomes brittle. But the will is indomitable.


My Try Hardest is working through techniques that are triggers for me from prior violent experiences. I may have tears in my eyes or running down my face but these amazing instructors and fellow students remind me to remind myself to keep fighting. No matter what.


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